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Hello, everyone and welcome to our video series on learn German for beginners in the previous lesson, we learned a few greetings in German in this lesson, you will learn a few common phrases in German, you can visit our page on patreon.com to get free worksheets podcasts transcripts, early access to our videos and more so let's begin Lexi on spy. Once again, legion Wei, how, Figueroa metal or common. Phrases, once again, how Figueroa Mattel, I would again request you not to get into the details of the.

Structures, the best would be to repeat each one of them after you hear me. Good luck. Let's come to the first expression. You have already heard in the previous video dance or dance shewn once again, tanker, if you are really thankful for something, you say, feel and dunk once again, finding, please note that the v has the sound of f, it's filename as a reaction for dance. Thank you and finding. You will say, bitter or bitter shewn once again, bitter or bitter shewn like every other language, even German.

Has words with multiple meanings. For example, bitter also means please once again, bitter in the next phrase we will come across a common use of bitter and should again, see bitter once again and should de gun bitter. But this structure is only used in formal situations in informal or casual situations. You can just say, bitter once again and should gong, bitter. You can also use and shuldikung to say, sorry, or you can say as Tutsi lied once again, as tumor lied, please note, you have to say as.

Toot mere lied, the toot has to be long and not toot let's move to the next one v, bitter, if I don't understand what one is saying, and I want them to repeat, I would say v, bitter since this is a question. It is very important to use the correct intonation v, bitter as if you are asking a question, an alternative to v, bitter is bitter once again, bitter please note the change in the intonation since this is not a question, but a request. The next one is a more formal way of asking someone to repeat. Something bitter video Holden, see once again, bitter Vida Poland, you will be listening to these structures in your daily life in Germany. The next one is suppression, z, Deutsche or speeches, z English once again, Preston, z, Deutsche or expression. Z English.

Now if I don't speak these languages, I would say or is special kind English. Once again, is special, kind Deutsche, is, special kind English. And if I speak a bit, I would say ICH special Adas Deutsche or ICH speech twas English. Once again, is special. Advanced Deutsche or is special advance English.

I believe you have already made out from the previous structures is his for I the next one says ICH excellent let's move on to the next one ICH Weiss night once again, is vies, night. The beta symbol has the sound of a double s as an alternative. You can say kana along once again, kana along. Here is the next one kind problem once again, kind problem.

Now, a very simple, one linen moment, bitter once again, linen moment, bitter now coming to the three most. Important words in a language, yeah, once again, yeah, nine once again, nine files ht once again, flight, please notice the j has the sound of ye nine as the English number nine, flashed again. The v has the sound of f. Now let's go through all these phrases once again, don't forget to repeat after me, bitter shewn, bitter and Schulz de genii, bitter and should gong, bitter as Tommy lied v. Bitter Sakai MAL bitter is nine fillies well done you have learned a lot more new structures of the.

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Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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