Fallout New Vegas All NCR Armors

Hello. Welcome to God more craft, machining and see our armors, MERS thingy it's, not tutorial, but I might give to trial and on to get some of these armors. Ok? You don't need to see the weapon or the ammo. Okay, first up I'm going to put on NCR are gonna up just amuse.

Ok. This is one of my favorite armors MERS. Basically, you see all the NCR guys wearing them.

Well, any NCR trooper, almost these armors you'll, be able to get like at the beginning of the game mean, the helmet the hit time wearing is the. Ncr or first, three, common braid, but it's just called the first recon, great I'm wearing navy, our ancient goggles, or something like that account number. And I can't, remember the name of this.

But if you look at the thing, it will possibly save. Ok. Next up is the ramp, I'm, not going to wear all the helmets. Everything. Ok. This one is a pretty good armor. You see mostly can see our first recon guys wearing this I don't, lean. Well, you see one, technically, yeah, my controller wigs out sometimes ramp is.

Pretty good armor, MER it's, just like a little upgrade of the other of the main armor me. Ok. Next up. You can see our myth meant till armory, I, can't, really I, all know, it's like a high rank armor. Pretty good. The other one is a lower. The first one that you saw was like a lower rank. Ok?

Next up military police armor. And this has a helmet for itself. So, yeah, if I don't show you all the helmets from CR it's, because I really don't , get crap. And my controlling skills with one hand, ain't that good.

Yeah. The gun I have is this machine, which I think looks good on almost any of the NCR armors where's when I change to the heavy trooper class that's for the NCR. Yeah, I'll show you the armor for that the weapon it won't be a different one.

This is a pretty good weapon and pin anyway. But so that's that we're talking about the armors, not the weaponry. Okay. Everything that's on this armor has the MP besides the pants like you can see the black the hands on this have military place. The helmets a slightly.

Darker color from the regular trooper helmet or whatever or as NP on it. Okay. Next up is that NCR, not that nothing? Oh, wait. Yeah. Regular ends I'll go to the Ranger armors, Owen, I got this one still. And since I'm close to this I'm, just going to go to my trooper helmet.

Yeah, you saw a couple of those, but still whatever, yeah, I, just put on the Ranger cut regular in drummer. This one I found on the strip if I didn't kill the guy, but he was like dead like the robot started attacking me because I accidentally. Shot stripper and I think he tried helping me out and the robots killed him. I really don't know what the true difference is with this one, but it's pretty cool looking the goggle helmets, basically saying, it's over the goggles or of your eyes. Okay.

Next up let's go with a little of some Ranger armor. Okay, I found this on a dead Ranger, anger of NZ are yeah. They basically all have the all Rangers I. See with this armor have the have a cowboy, repair something pretty good armor, though.Oh, in my books, very good. Okay. Next up let's. See now that that one here we go the regular NCR, the NCR Ranger patrol armor and rained your hat.

Yeah. Some of these, you might see our sword damage, but that's, just because I kind of get enough to repair them it's controller. Okay? As you can tell, this is the armor that basically up my gun, because of the shoulders, pretty good armor. If you ask me, I just don't really recommend getting it. Okay.

Next up. The armor that everybody tries getting in the. Game, yes, the NCR ranger combat armor. I got this by killing an NCR ranger. But of course you can get it and by just getting NCR or yeah, yeah. This one's.

A pretty good armor. It's, nice, good, looking armor. And this one, and we'll have it like on the bank.

Okay, the final piece of armor MER. The one that is possibly in my book, one the most powerful and co-op out one of the most powerful in CR armors, the salvaged mint tea, 51b armor, or as I like to call it, but it's just called the NCR. Salvaged armor I might. Do power armor or later on, but really that's all the NCR armors later, see you later, guys, I.


Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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