Fallout: New Vegas Chapter 28 - Old World Blues - Clean Sinks And Fresh Water

Well, we got one of the cards we needed, and we have the location on the other Oh. What did we get leave this praise? The bench doesn't I'll talk to me too? Alright? Well then do more needs I.

Butcher, I need 357 rounds that the cases needs lead pistol powder up done small pistol primer. There we go. No. It can make 100 rounds of it. Okay might I be of service, sir, yep, huh. Paisley's. All those control me for something.

But oh, well, go Oh. God. Look at you, you're, filthy, yeah, I suppose you'll want to clean up then. Oh, it's just so unsanitary. Do you know how many germs are in one cubic centimeter of dirt 1700, gazillion, would you want that wash down your gullet day in and day out I, didn't think so oh I'd love to darling, but the surface that allow me to dispense water into non-organic containers?

Boned out years ago, you'd have to find a replacement for that module. You can have as much as you like it. Just do you've been working with that biological weep, yep, okay.

So it just gives you a little to drink all. Right, alright might as well rest up, I don't have to use a doctor's bag or anything done let's. Go get ourselves at last personality trip and move on Oh. Stick. Oh, did I miss that that's out of ammo.

Ow, seriously, Oh got you how? Oh those guys, huh? We have even been to that vault yet, don't ruin it. There I, tell them for you, oh, sweet, Jesus, there's, more guys, coming and critical chance. What the hell handle turbo is let's find out, hmm.

But us to go barely runs in slo-mo. Oh, that was actually kind of cool. Come on.

We're, really on securities from the deconstruction plan. Yay, resistant sapphire can hit me one someday get through them cry like one damaged Oh got one tattoo. You know now death of murder. Awesome must get through heavy armor. One piece at a time. This is the gotta be the best spot here he'll spot. They should below.

They can't hit me sweet. Alright, thought, I have to use just 10 millimeters a mile to another sandy route another's and the route weird. Well, there's third ball and another Xander. What okay.

There's a crude everywhere, don't know why not going to ask whatever all right something hurts? Oh, my good water is gone thick, red paste, ah, doesn't set, I mean, it could be tomato sauce, which would be nice I doubt, it thought I'll go find more modules is that wall in combat. Okay? What exactly am I in combat with mother nature? I guess what's us. Greg Brock flower, added opinion, interesting. Well, something is upset with me here.

I just don't. See it. Yeah. Okay. Mutant a fungus.

Hello danger. Oh, yeah, for up to me. Did with the plan all right? Okay, uh fair to now I'm, not going to that total, screw that all your Emmys nearby all right?

Well, it fairly can't follow me anywhere. So there's, Andrew. You were flashing. Dangerous. Second ago, I'm, not going to tell you what it is your God figure it out for yourself. Fine I will be good great I'm glad I'm also going nowhere. I know let's fix that.

Alright, head south try to grab these two down here. This does seem fascinating I'm, curious. What happens if I get all the. Personalities and everything and since I get to come back here, it looks like they have all sorts of perks. I can take empty bottles and refill in the water is very useful in a hardcore game, too, oh, no. You think I should miss face.

Yeah, there Wow. Why didn't all of his lemons? Ok, yeah, I don't need to know chest over here. What's in you.

Well, Tim pack is nice toaster stuff to sell I guess ocker or how the hell is this stuff getting out here combat armor, hot, damn 2200, all right, I, won't, , that's, a. Great Locker for me, that's all those guys over there. They didn't see me hooray Wow.

This double bag is worth it. All right after array. Look there's. Another, no, you know what?

No no not even doing that. You guys want me come inside, please step into the open and identify yourself. So on this area, clear proceeding with search protocol, not in here suck. If I'll never figure it on behind this door, hahaha silly, robots tricks for kids. What happened to Johnny do not Johnny's, five isn't, a lawyer anymore, Hostels continued resistance is unlawful. Oh, wow. I. Apologize.

I. Surrender do not be alarmed law and order will be restored shortly shooting the stairs fighting citizens. Please leave the area. Oh, you're going down I like this gun, or I use it the more I like that. It seems still didn't do squat against those scorpions own.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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