How To Apply Water Based Polyurethane

Welcome back to craft by Rey today, I will be showing you how I am applying very thing. Water-Based polyurethane I've been using this recently on a few projects I really started to like it I looked on YouTube couldn't, find any videos to really show how it's done, so I decided to make one. Well, let's begin. Okay. I just got done sanding everything on this project down to 220.

I vacuumed off all the dust and get ready to hit it with a tack cloth to get mostly dust off. Then I put the first coat on now. I'm stirring the power polyurethane, make sure you don't, shake it and add air bubbles. Alright, guys, it's been about two hours, and now I'm ready to sand everything down and put on the second coat, I'm, getting ready to put on the second coat now, and I'm going to sand this down with 220 grit, get it smooth again and apply the second coat I, just want to say putting the second coat on. It was a lot easier than the first because now I there's already been a coat on there I can tell when I'm adding it on. Cuz it milky-white actually shows a lot more than on the raw wood. It just soaks in so fast.

But now I can start to see the gloss building up we'll. See what happens on the third coat? Alright, it's been two hours again, I'm, getting ready to the third and final coat on everything feels it looks a lot better. The second time let's, see what happens after the third coat, I got a sanded again, with the 220 I'm going to wipe everything around I'm, Bob and reapply. That was the final coat.

Hopefully you guys. Found this video helpful, if you're interested in a project video, I do a lot of project videos on this channel. And if you're new to the channel, please subscribe hit that like button, share we're almost to 250 subscribers and doing a 250 subscriber giveaway. My next project video, which should be out in week or days after this video will be a Lego table that I'm building for my kids. And this is how the wood turned out on the third coat.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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