How To Arrange Data On Excel Sheet For SAS Entry In CRD Experimental Design

Hello, hello. Everybody. Welcome to this channel. Happy any dinner to cut the image in Marathi tomorrow, seaman, waddle, dee, this channel, Gem alto, I hope, and I wish. This video will help you. My first video would be how I'm the cultural field in the laboratory experiment.

Physics field experiment data can be arranged on Excel sheets to make ready forces entry lab. Ready. We may do several is a vital protection aspect of the economic Greek aspect. Experiments can be conducted in the field. As well as in the laboratory. So in mk7, wanna angry mineral cruise parameter solution, improvement leader parameter solution between each parameter in Northland dependent and independent parameters or volumes, listen ESAA.

So voil, GD since of a substance era young experiment is run designer, which is experimental design. This design may be CRT or completely complete randomized design or CBT or Latin square or last augmented in the leg split blood. Gilliland.

The Gherkin scrimmage, Amur, CR delay, it's. An experiment indeed bit on arranged Magic, the Mitchell Bacall in the mass it, no car. No bathroom Selassie, just I hope you will follow me. Attentively agree. You can see here an experiment to compare six sweet words and calm a completely randomized design with four applications was used at the end of at the end, the following guilds winter character were recorded. And also the others that means other planet and Bioshield parameters were four repetitions of each six with words.

And as this experiment. Indicates us just we know that this completely randomized design or Card design is used for laboratory and the greenhouse trends or experiment that means. So we expect that this experiment was dead in the laboratory all in the cleanup sadness. So he cold until I brought to him. Green I was like, oh, is any Mr. Rosales or no, no because I would,, you care to? Yeah, except a source of aeration, the environmental source of addition then or environment to know, free of external source of vanishing. Normal from external source of vanishing Hey, visible who he designed come on Albert, Selassie, hey, Tamara, Barrington, the metal window. She condemned tiles. There are three parameters those parameters and yield parameters, which is grain yield cool temperature and also bio machined to operator.

Here is also planted the other parameters of civil matter. But the problem here are the units are not similar here is it is them two operator. And also here it is also good operator, which is not. Recommended in the scientific presentation or data presented that means it is recommended to use or better to use to total director just so we have to change this clean grain yield tone corrector from current operator. We know that one watt on one tone is equivalent with ten hundred, ten, I mean, yes, ten Junta. So this much, which every review of every of the values here, we each, and every value will be how much tone just we can calculate with this with simple polymer, simple mathematics, Becky. Mathematics how much this value is education and also what ITB here also 66 or 6.7, the value of variety in replication, the value of aerial application tool that me.

So this is a next P. Similarly, C, you can see the f, b, c, d, d, e, f. So they don't devalue. If you know because of a line cutting in just after we are good, ok, or after we arranged like this just would have to say, equal equals get considered a galaxy's equals to even history. Certainly Wind ham is a actual donor. He kept I understand that the gamma equals. That means one tone squats to attained. We have said this here, one tone, which equals to 10 curtain Garden, 34 Putin. How much tone is eight billion a lazy, he corners under tone muscle as an autonomous asset, less therefore 34 point.

What three Junta Cynthia, no, no, Master, Luminary, Philomath country in busy a hint, busier person in signaling cos x value. So we have to divide this value with this. That means so / Nagar will divide the mulatto Chino Mazama in it is 3.43 panic attack. That means so.

You can click here and drag downward to the end. So yeah, so we got the value simply we have changed the value of green yield from contractor to torn panic that that means the typical are ringtail, huh? So in our calendars, you would the terms as a unit McKay salable, hey, repetitious. So, but then he can tap in goodbye. My work is in beyond sir that wasn't serviceable, either we can't collect the data either the soft copy in the form of soft copy and our laptops. Manchu that opportunity learn back sales. Sheets busy man who attacked America Calm, otherwise don't bother to book, the master Chechen feel the leg collect NASA enchilada, goody, Roberto, brutal murder and mob cattle.

And then go corrupt me and Rick computer. We don't know get it better to loot with a virtue. The other guy can determine a snazzy to lightly come at him. , the Gherkin, yeah, whatever analysis. Okay, just come sir hot miracle in calculation, a gherkin exhale, a math channel.

I did the girl get Assam escape. Akin. Did he seem? Planet and evolution cleaners does he said, mister your children, the variety a variety, variety and ballot end very variety, a and variety F. And also those words are replicated, four times the repetition. One replication to our applications are in repetition poll. And also similarly, or the parameters are also recovered.

Similarly, with this module at miss victims, a second civil Utah, which impel him to reach biomass, New, Zealand plans, I say, here yield say, the owner brought value net block out any. Human capital, not organization becomes a thing but plant it again. She was a data. There are some sample plants abroad.

That means most natural experiments need sampling table and Sammie. Just we have to use templates for sampling data, zombies. So Casey, Santa plant, which no electromagnetic admin. They don't collect much debris value. Mother average mother the plant, which is Chi value because it said, yeah, because your application average value at the emblems, a Shun because, I won this average value.

Yeah. Soon. Soon plant average value big and induce area calculate a dragon Messier. Tunis. Compact variety has compared and replication business capital, Koziol. Wanna you can't, undo a variety per application. One window replication one day, maybe I couldn't, dammit pass.

He got a scar so Bessemer who organized metric colon muscle in a bunch of famous for tawdry boo with a child who's. Eager application manager can see a treatment touch. These are our treatments, vanity, a vanity, vanity, vanity and scary. Foul odors in. Your treatment, which are too much the Gherkin.

The factorial put a 50 money on. And it didn't detonate see how simple factor saloon and factor. They are factor and parity picture. Sorry. Does he pursue Mitchell animal? It link has come. Did he organize yet, the room don't possible critical?

But unless us in turn Dietrich, the Rwandan know because up, skinny notion as IH stager me to know since parametrization, Are sauce, parent, which planted and biomass, Intel, green, Intel mercifully, the beginner reputation in. The variety and mistreatment, he variety below equivalent waste treatment that means so achieve variety. But replication one line we do moon disease research sky. If there is verification, one valuation can see dammit alderman murdered, my home planet, I'm, sorry, pseudo, no, no it's.

An example. Look, you know, Scott hangout application alone too much. He planted volume I'm asking because I. Next mono, biomass in turbulent chica dances, answer, lots of data, chuckle by universities for all. What is that means? So you.

Haven't changed so much now scientific problems that visible must come in a little who cannot eat look Zika, hidden I'm lemon may he might commit which you notice again was an American Mukesh and a. But it has to be changed into operator. Be scientifically in Illinois internationally is science scientists, which become a boot tonne per hectare been below beyond in Larger purpose again, Paul busy matter a trigger does he kept under the arrangement? Okay, Baruch has another matter. Consider a quantity care to issues, reduce Like. The whole number application, server, image, para, la, pasta, neural net.

Okay. So we got all values here. Just we have to check that all what it it should appeal.

Only in all repetitions enemies. That means a replication one an application to a replication three. He had a mother who loves him very much, but is it possible? Come back become another bathroom Latham him value that anyone in this evil supposed to value, which blesses RIA that man bend in your. Education name battle any parameter bundled occasions, yes, I mean, hollow, agree, visible, I, just a drag, you know, it's prepared. The data is prepared. And this robot is prepared force, essentially in Seattle design for the next for that analysis at least.

So when we get along good video, indeed, analyze Patrick and Emma, Jane, I'm, still a lazy, my trust for a friend sent this channel families. You are requested to subscribe and also to like as well as to share to your friends in getting in camping, mmm. Signature I, thank you very much for watching hearing me that means. So next video will be prepared based on data analysis and interpretation in holy I. You know, the guy, you know, data, arranged cutter dragon Mahalo. What assassin escaped error syntax are not it is a Saturday. Kittens, Creighton, dusky, plettschner kilometer imaginable, see, Malcolm aluminum excellent.

But we have to break deck - from the inner side to the outside - crowd and were to go further darkness. Thank you very much time. -. I'm sorry,

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