How To Make A Handbag Cake You Can Carry

Hi everyone and welcome back to Rachel's enchanting cakes. And today, we're making me, super cool, honey, bad cake that you can literally carry like a real purse. You can do this in any color that you want I use really simple techniques, it's actually, very easy to cover, because we use a paneling technique. And it uses quite a lot of cake since you've got a lot of people to feed.

This is a pretty good option, great for your portfolio. If you sell cakes to your customers, or if you just want to make a very. Special cake for a loved one.

This is the cake to go by happy. Baking guys let's make a start in the dinky doodle carrot cake, which is what we are using in order to create this beautiful purse cake. It comes with a basic platform for your cake to go on.

There will be two central pieces that go down right way through those holes and support the cake. And the handle start by baking to 10-inch square cakes is can be any cake of your choice. And they want to be roughly 1 inch, deep take the platform. Designed to carry the actual cake and place it on your 10-inch square. Now simply cut in half one of these halves will be smaller than the other. The smaller halves will be placed towards the top of the cake where we're actually carving in so that we carve less cake away simply repeat this for your other 10-inch square cakes. So in total, you have 4 slices of cake.

Okay. So these are the two larger pieces, which will be going directly on the platform. And those smaller ones will be on the top. You want. To start with a small, longest we're going to be doing this upside down place.

Another small slab of cake directly onto there. You can add any fill installation that you want. But for tutorial purpose as I have chosen, not to I'll show you that part later, and then simply add the other two let it will slightly hang over each side, make sure these are central using panache or buttercream, simple coat, the underside of the cake up for you then want to flip this and place it directly on top of your cake. Taking the two central pieces slowly, push these through and try to keep them so that they are straight, then simply flip the cake over I. Am now going to use these carving templates that also come with this set.

Now you can either carve it yourself completely by hand or make up your own template, very simple to do simply take some baking parchment go over the template with a pencil and put it away with some scissors. I am using the template for both the front of the cake, and the science start by. Adding the front template directly to your cake I do this using some cocktail sticks. Now, taking a very sharp knife, simply carve, some cake away at a time just do a little at a time using that template as a guide repeat this for both sides of the cake.

Yeah, I have already added the other template. And now we're simply going to be carving away at an angle again, repeat this for both sides of the cake, but really do take your time. It doesn't matter. If you cooked a little of cake. Away, but if you cut away too much and go wrong it's a bit more difficult to add it back on there, simply repeat this process for the other side of the cake and neaten it up until you get that perfect bag, . If you are making this cake for a customer simply take off each layer and fill them with a buttercream of the link of your choice. But as mentioned earlier in this tutorial as this is just for tutorial purposes, I am choosing not to do that you then, once you've added all of your fillings.

Simply want to crumb coat all the cake, the crumb coat will act like natural glue. When I add the fondant, but for now I want to place this in the fridge, just to out my buttercream to go up way and firm to cover my cake I am using a paneling technique. So here I rolled out the color of my choice in between spaces. This is not a necessity. If you don't have spaces just judge how thick the fondant is going to be then simply press on the fondant cut off any excess and repeat this for each side of the. Cave so once you have done both sides and smooth them out, this is what it will look like we're now going to repeat this process for the front and the back of the cake.

So again, we've just rolled out some fondant place. It directly onto the buttercream cake cut off the excess and then smooth out and repeat this process for both the front and the back of the purse cake. Now, taking your time using some smoother just neaten up the fondant for the top of this cake, I've, rolled out, two pieces of. Fondant this one's, fairly thin and I, just want to strip at either side, just where the handle will go. This is just going to make sure that none of the buttercream is exposed. Then you will find another template in this actual set simply draw this again, onto some baking harsh man's.

And on the other piece of fondant I, just cut out the template I find it easier. If you add a little of Trek's vegetable fat, first, they actually stick it onto the fondant I. Then add a quilting effect and gently drape.

This over the cake and make sure it covers the remaining amount of buttercream off camera, I have steamed my cake to get rid of any excess icing sugar. You can just brush this off with a wet brush, I'm now, choosing to add some edible pearls to mine using the DK pearl applicator. It makes it so much easier. And it just adds our perfect.

Finishing touch I will fast-forward. This part I do decide to add some extra pearls all the way around this part of the purse before we add any decorative fondant. Offense I'm using two sweet stamps by Amy cakes, love elements set and all I've done is taken out the rose, and I'm going to have this on the bottom left-hand side of my purse, basically, what I'm trying to say is look at the tools and molds and things that you have in your cake studio, because you can decorate your purse any way you want and use those tools that you may have not used in a while just to add little embellishments as you can see here, I have simply added the handle.

He just slots in. Very very easily, and that comes with the set I'm now using this tissue zip mold. Now when I found with the molds it's very easy, he just greased them. First with a small amount of treks vegetable fats, add a light sprinkling of icing, sugar place, your fondant or modeling paste directly into the mold. And you will find that they come away with ease. Once you have removed the zip from the mold simply add this to the cake with a small amount of edible glue. And then there will be the small separate piece.

Where you would actually pull a zit just place that on top leave this to set, and we will be painting it that lovely silver towards the end of the tutorial, the white flower on the front of the cake is super easy to make so all I've done taking one of my piping tips, just so I can cut out eight, small, circles, I, then use a cocktail stick to go on the outside of those small circles, just river called dots because I want it to look a bit like a stitching effect, I, fold each small circle in half. And using. The stitching tool I, then draw a simple line, I, leave them in half and simply stick them on top of each other. When you open it out, you will have a beautiful flower to stick directly onto your cake. I, just add it to the cake with a small amount of edible glue and simply place some of those beautiful pearls directly into the center.

If you use a cocktail stick again, it looks more like a fabric effect. Now it's time to add just a few finishing touches. So where those panels of fondant need I'm covering.

Those up with small sausage shapes, you've got a sugar shaper. This will make it an awful lot easier again, just a small amount of edible glue. And you want a color that's, gonna contrast really well with the color of your cake. So here, I'm using white. Now, with that take tissue mold, there was a zip and the other one looked a bit more like a buckle. You could use it as part of the zip if you wanted to I'm choosing to actually add, it is a feature bang on the front of my cake, just where the quilted.

Affect is so I've done this. The same way I did the zip I'm going to stick it directly on there with a small amount of edible glue and then there's, just one more thing we need to add paint I'm using a beautiful dark. So of a rainbow dust, metallic paint and I will show you what the finished product looks like.

And there we have it all finished. You can pick it up it's, super easy, super stylish you can do your bag in any color, any design that you want just let your imagination run wild. Now the products. I've used in this I'm going to leave links to just below this YouTube video, I hope, I've helped you all again today, and I'll be back soon with more new completely free content. Thank you. All for your continued support.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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