Mother Day Blessing For Lady Felicia Bates

I was brought up at Krishna ballet with me. You almost a minnow order, hey morning and collect now we will ya then I will try to look to you and look at it. Everybody else. Ok. This is from the competition.

Two, ladies. A mother teaches you your first lessons of the heart and gives generously lives joyfully and love with all. He got that is what a mother it's wonderful to know that there's always someone who is willing to listen to offer advice to share his mind. Oh, it's, incredible to have someone who. Gives so generously live so lovingly and help, so willingly it's incredible to have you as a mother happy Mother's Day lady, babes and that's from all the ladies we're, literally minute, hey, uncle, it's. Everybody Thanks You, long messages it's, but where everybody did participate, you know, everybody there I went to it like I said, I just became a member of king of minutes just to my sinus ago and god put it on my own my heart. And all my spirit body was coming to mother.

Mother. Mother thing was being today. And I can't say, I just got what I knew what everything Arthur was going to do, and I just felt that the rest of the mother is on the rest of the members of pride up grunts bamboo. Dr. king of minister will do what I ask them to do, and I'm going to say to all of you ladies those that I don't know, I love you only, and I appreciate what you all done I like I said from Gary Indiana. And this is what my past it did back in gear. My Mother's Day, coming father, they're comfy.

We had to do what we had to do I. Mean, I just thought this would be good for all of us to come, and I mean, if you didn't want to come up and just give it to me in my hand as long as you all get mother bear, something just to say that I love you. And as I make the statement that I know if it wasn't, not gonna Brown penny from your time, I've known her up until now I can truly say I can tell now because I'm a member of here, it says that mother base and pass the bait. There are some lovely people in I. Just cannot love them enough. I, don't. Know about you all but I, truly, truly, love them from my heart.

And thank you. All you're waiting on the lyric is it I'm waiting on my Brown penny, , you all set out you all next month, right after that's a rocking. Okay. Thank you.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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