Are you Boyd back with another in subway video? Now, my last upload I told you guys that these guys made Madden, 19 transform into Enzo, a football, 19, basically, you know, I showed you guys the college football, mod and I also stayed in a video. If you would like to see me to a miniseries on the channel with this new mod.

So today, that is why I am kicking off this and subway wrote to Glory series. Now I had a lot of decisions to make when it came to the series. What do I do like what position do I make? Who do I create do I go with my original guy to corner back that I always do I, decided, you know what let me do something different for you guys? Yes, I tried to do something extremely different. Now I watch a lot of Netflix I.

Watch a lot of Netflix I used to be obsessed with last chance, it's like a football documentary it's, amazing, how not explain if it's just bomb. You have to watch it. Alright, that's.

All I got to say so similar to last chance. There's, also, another football documentary on Netflix it's. Called qb1, not his t-shirt it's like two seasons that I think and then each season it concentrates on three high school football players.

Now in season, two it focused on Justin fields. So now look Justin fields was incredible in high school who's, a dual threat. Quarterback. He went on to be the number one recruit in the nation and in 2017, he decided to go to his hometown college team, which is the Georgia Bulldogs. Now, the Georgia Bulldogs at the time did have Jake proms. So that kind of you know, brought.

Up some conflicts and Jake from I believe beat him out as the starter for Georgia. So you guys go to talent that just some fields is he had to be somewhere when he was going to start. So he decided to transfer to the University of Ohio State. And that is where he is this season. So on 2019 he's got to be the starter for Ohio State and other. You know, light we're going to go ahead and do this Road to Glory series based on him. This vote to Glory sees is going to be featuring Justin fields that is who I'm.

Gonna be creating I'm going to put them on Ohio, State man, let's, not waste any time. If you are excited about the series, be sure to smack that thumbs up I'll, uh, try to reach 5,000 likes let's get into this. Yes, sir, dude, let's. Go man, I'm so excited. We are officially kicking off. These ends overlay 19 Road to Glory series with Justin field.

Six foot three 223 pounds. Now I try to get everything as accurate as possible. So how he looks in real life, not very hard to do because the face is when it comes to the. Creation of Madden, it's so bad.

But as you guys see I had to make sure my dude is walking a turf tape. Now, something that I spent so much time on which I published in half is the sock height. Now, I need. You guys are comment down below. If you think that accessories look good, the ones that I picked out or whatever I need to change it. Let me know now, as you guys see what this mod, you could have like no socks like that's, something that obviously isn't a Madden.

But with this college football, mod, you can. Actually like show your legs there's, actually like skin showing now as far as my quarterback style, goes I, always go with 3/4. It could be 3/4 1 3/4 - this throwing style is my absolute favorite in Madden. Well, I should be calling this and subway because obviously did the mod.

But here we are men set to open up this franchise mode, but there's a huge problem. Now the franchise mode in his mod is absolutely messed up. When you start this thing, all the stadiums are scrambled around. So if I'm trying to.

Play a home game with Ohio State, they throw you and like Miami, Hurricanes Stadium. So long story short, I, can't, do a franchise mode. What I'm going to do is I'm going to start one I'm, a look at the schedule, and I'm a follow the schedule. If you guys get my drift, but all the games will be played in the play now screen that's.

The only way this mod is gonna work, I know, it's a bit disappointing, but we're going to make this happen like I'm. Going to try my best to put this miniseries together and make it as. Entertaining as possible, but like I said, man, the franchise mode is absolutely broken like even the team names. It still has like the actual end of 40 names. The logos are, so they're for college football, but here's. What we're going to do not only in college football, a play about 10 to 13 games. So with this series, we're going to go all the way to week 13.

And after week, 13 we're going to simulate to the playoffs, and I'm going to get to playoff tree and actually do those matchups, and it's going to be like road to. The Super Bowl, but I'm, a car like Road to the national championship. So our final game will be against it says, the Chicago Bears, but that is Alabama. So I know, things might be confusing right now.

But trust me it's going to get organized I'm going to make this entertaining for you week. Number one is against Oklahoma. But first we got to go into practice mode. You all know it wasn't. Good enough. So let's make up for that today and have a great one.

I know, you got it in you. So let me see that greatness come. Out on the field all right let's do it? We are here on our first day of practice as the starting quarterback for Ohio State like I said, it took me a lot to bring this episode out because I was just trying to make the franchise mode work. But with the mod everything was broken.

The only thing that's really playable is playing now. So I was like art. I have to try to make this work. So we're going to use franchise mode to follow with the schedule. But the actual games are going to be happening in the play.

Now mode. Hey, you know what man that was pretty dang, good terrifying and gets me even more excited, we're only scratching the surface of our potential. This team has so much talent. So just keep pushing are we going to get to that next level all right? Man, we're going to waste no time. Our first game week number one is against Oklahoma let's jump, right into this. Oh boy, here we go I still can't, believe how sick the turf tape looks our first home game of this season.

And this is a tough matchup. Man. We. Are taking on Curler Murray and Oklahoma and that's.

Another thing like you guys are going to be seeing players that are already in the NFL. They haven't played yet. But they just got drafted recently I'm working with what I have at the moment like there's only one or two rosters out. So this isn't like a roster that is going into this year's college, football, it's, players that are currently in the NFL. So we just got to make do of what we have as Justin fields took a shot to the end zone that one got. Broken up so brings the second and chin down goes Justin. Dart is 16 once again, taking a shot deep, and it gets batted down.

So on our first job, as you guys see, unfortunately, we did have to settle for a field goal for the first time today we get to see caller Murray and Holly will brown now I'm only going to be showing you guys their plays just on the first possession, going forward, it's only going to be our offensive possessions. Only when just some fields is out there on the field as you see right here. Calimary gets popped. Luckily, they regained the ball, a loss of 8 yards on a previous play brings up second and 18 he goes to Holly will Brown right here, but not much is happening. So now they got a big third down, Tyler gets rid of it. Well, defended by our quarterback, just like that, both US and Oklahoma settle for a field goal to start this game out. Second possession of the day we're going to take over at the 25-yard line.

Justin's gonna hand the ball off to Mike Weber who actually got fit to the Dallas. Cowboys a pickup of seven yards. Second and three. Now Justin is going to scramble out get rid of it. One foot in bounds at the first from the 45-yard line. Justin scans the field takes off let's, go steps out of bounds at the 27, and we're looking much smoother here in our second drive of the day like I said, guys, everything you saw in that schedule that I showed you guys earlier we're going to be playing like the first 13 games, then it's going to take us to a playoff mode. But it's going to be like a knockout.

Tournament it's going to be insane, and this will be a small series, I'm guessing, it's going to be like 6 or 7 episodes. But as you see here on the second possession once again, a few inaccurate, throws resulted in us settling for 3. So now Kyle Murray takes over on 3rd and 12 a completion of Hollywood Brown for 19 yards, 36, again. Another completion now Hollywood and on the next play, nine yards, touchdown for Hollywood Brown. Just like that Oklahoma is now up 10 to 6 Justin with two minutes left goes to Mike. Weber, Oh breaks, two tackles breaks. Another one, you love to see you Mike Weber.

Our first touchdown of the day Tyler Murray goes back out there on the field gets sacked. Lawson 8 yards, brings up 34 team. They don't convert just like that. They punted the ball. And we take over here with the lead, and I'm trying to extend it.

But I made a ridiculous read. Look. Sometimes when I'm recording these videos, I have brain farts all right, cut your voice up slack. That was disgusting. You know, I agree with you that.

Was ridiculous so just like that Connery takes over and another touchdown, a Hollywood brownie, or how many yards is he have today. He has to have like at least 200 right? I mean, every single time they're out there on the field, a disease may pop up 40 seconds left. Oh, look at this throwing a run. Justin is ridiculous we're just a big no-limit families. All one big family I think that what make us different from the other record companies record labels out there.

We independent black own, but. With family, you don't I'm saying, okay, okay. Okay. I do it with all the force and reading everything you was and got him by the Dozen legs blowing on my line. I tell them going cut. The check will graze. The bullet did I'm trying to get my chips doc, turn every finger.

We are officially in the second half and I told you guys. Man, Justin is a dual threat. Quarterback. He could do it all, oh, okay.

Maybe I shouldn't be talking so much. Once again, another ridiculous, throw by me, I just want to. Mention I'm going to keep it real with you guys like I'm playing on all Matt in I'm, just going to have fun.

I really am. Man. I want this to be fun for you guys, I don't want to come out here and throw like 80 touchdowns in one game, I want though pitch to I want to throw incomplete passes right here. You guys see we don't convert Colin Murray takes over. He threw a pig earlier on the last possession.

Guess? What he throws another Pig here? Yo, our defense I stepped up big time in the second half just like that. We take over at the 19-yard line, oh we dodged one sack, but not another one pause started 17 Justin, oh he's going to take off Justin breaks the tackle, oh he does it.

Okay. It's. All good. We go down at the 14, and I'm going to go for it. Fourth and 2. We got to risk it all we're, not coming out here to place. Four field goals, dusted, look at the wide open field ahead upon all right now.

We are sitting comfortable we're headed into the fourth quarter for up by 10 points. You guys see right here. Incomplete pass by. Colin Murray, so they settle for a field goal. This possession right here. Man, if we could score a touchdown even a field goal. And if we could take some time off the clock we're going to win this game, especially if Mike Weber runs like this.

Yo, what is going on? Did you see that running I went right back to him here? And another first down, we had excellent blocking on that play. Four minutes left Oh. Oklahoma is officially in trouble, especially one Justin, there's makeup plays like this. His second rushing, Touchdown of the day all right this game is basically over I mean, there's a minute remaining you're down by two possessions, it's, not going to happen all right it's. Not going to happen as you guys.

See right here. Second, intent for yard rush, third and six five yard rush. So it brings up a fourth down. They don't convert just like that. We're going to take over then victory formation and gold here in Justin's debut week 1 against Oklahoma.

We come out victorious if I didn't mention it's already. This is Madden 19. On the PC. And this is obviously college football, mod, Road to Glory series with Justin fields. Episode 1 has come to an end like I said, if you want to see who else I'll be playing in the season I showed you guys the schedule earlier we're going to be playing the first 13 weeks. Now, we're going to have a knockout tournament playoff style to see what a national champion is going to be.

We walk away victorious 34 to 20 I. Hope you guys enjoyed. If I'm going to show you guys the stats Dan color through it 56 times.377 yards for I'm Tony like 200 of it has to be to Hollywood. We didn't have a bad day as well to touch on I don't want to throw to a pace, but I talked over human I had a hundred and twelve yards with Justin fields. Mike Weber had a perfect game.

Not only on the ground, but also receiving yards as well. But check out Oklahoma man. They had no running game today whatsoever.

What is this? But like I said, guys, if you are excited about this series, this miniseries should I say, be sure to smack that. Thumbs up button, give me any suggestions whether its accessories whether it's whatever like if there are any suggestions you want with this series, however ways I can improve it.

Let me know in the comment section make sure you subscribe to the channel man I'm telling you guys, you don't, want to miss out on the videos. I got coming out this summer. But for now continue being amazing people. Next week we are taking on the Miami Hurricanes. They got tape Martell over there. Alright.

So next gameplay is gonna. Be interesting, stay tuned for that it's. You were born to the boss I, am I signing out and black on.

But with family I'm saying, okay, okay. Okay. I do it with all the flaws and reading everything you wars.

They got a buddy goes.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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