Oil Pressure Valve Assembly 2006 Honda Pilot 2WD Part 1

He was up everybody Machine Head here. Today, a project is working on a 2006 on the pilot. It is a two-wheel drive and not of all-wheel drive. And we are replacing me or oil pressure valve assembly. So let's get started first thing first open the hood. Next step is to take the engine cover off as you can see there are some clips missing.

So just pry whenever that's there and take the cover off next we're going to be taking me intake hose off it's. Pretty common sense. There's going to be some ring clamps, usually. They're eight millimeters to release there's, some clips release those, and then you're going there's four bolts that are connected to the oil filter box, just release them. There I think they're at eight millimeters once you release that then just pull away from the throttle body. What I'm doing now is examining what is in my way?

So I'm plugging I'm, plugging a few of the connection that's to the oil pressure valve assembly, because there are a few connections to there's a solenoid, and then. There's a sensor there's, some hoses that are in our way, so maybe get a needle nose pliers and then clamp those clips on the leg and then cry the hose up. And then these are just air valve hoses. So there nothing's going to leak out on there's, no oil whatnot. So just probably just release and just pull to the side.

Some won't be in your way. So there's a little canister right there in the way and what's holding is two 10 millimeter nuts, and it's its held onto a black is some once you keep that loose. As you can see that little gold bracket get that loose just pull it inside there's, a lot of oil, buildup it's, very common on all these Hondas that these oil pressure valve assembly, we always eat deep out there certainly mom the models because of the oles they wear out anytime. It needs to be replaced always don't ever last forever. They need to be replaced.

So now we're there's going to be three bolts that are holding the little pressure valve assembly to the cylinder head, just releasing it's a very. Tight spot, they just it's workable. Just a note on this part. You are able to buy just the ovaries' replacement on the inner side and the back side, there's, two of them that goes to it. But you are not able to buy in this replace the solenoid itself or this sensor. If there is a fault to the solenoid or the sensor you're going to need to buy the whole assembly so have to get all to get the sensor or the solenoid.

Why do they do this I had no idea? Once you purchase the entire assembly, it comes all. Together even with the o-rings, and you can purchase this, and we had a new bottle pop store on your dealer, all its small cheap pipe. Now if the solenoid is not faulty or this sensor is not faulty, then you can just replace the old way. Once you loosen up the bolts because it's been on the more fun quite a while there's, two pins that actually it's come guide pins that will be tight. So it's kind of like you have to tap it or pry it for it to pop off. It will feel like it's still tight on there.

But. It's, just because it's been on there for a while you just got tap it to make it loose. See at this point, the biggest feels like is still connected on my figuring out is there another bulb or something I know there isn't, but because of the guide pins still snug and tight and there you have it popped loose there's all that oil buildup moves that all ring. So that o-ring dries up and time, and it's, not coffee and whatnot. Here we are at the work table.

And so I'm about to show you how to. Disassemble this oil pressure valves in assembly. So first we're taking the first oil and off and this ordering, you can purchase just to replace this part, and I'm going to show you that this part is cracked and that's. Why it's leaking for not area, and it's very brittle is dry, and you know, and then there's a straighter valve. And you know, this blows up oil, oil cannot flow through that filter. So I bought me, three points, there's a little filter area buildup and cleaning a little with some brake. Cleaner so make them take a song, on/off, basically is just held by one 1000 give you a closer view here's.

The sensor just Groupon has three pongs, pong, connection, three pins for pong, whatever you want say call it soul. Annoy that's, held by ten 10 millimeter, bolts and screws out pull the solenoid out. And again, note that you cannot purchase that solenoid or that sensor on its own. You have to get those parts yet to purchase the whole assembly, and it's, not cheap there are different years. And.

Models where they have almost a similar part, but it's not made like this make and model. Now this assembly, these two parts, and I'm this assembling unit from taking the two 10 millimeter screws out there and then there's a third one, third short ones or the other one two was longer. And then you just probably that apart, if you can't do it with your hands, you grab my hand and one minute, you just kind of quiet with you have to guide pins that hold them together and there's. The other Oh ring, you're.

Gonna have to little the guide pin. So it goes in place, there's one right there. And then this appears here you don't easily and there's a little wreath when you purchase the whole ring, some other Punk's will have both Oh ring as a pair, and some will only sell each one individually some model arts won't have that off. And again, when you purchase the entire assembly, it will come with this.

If you can spray down and clean it up spit and shine. We clean up like this, there's always there's. Those little. Small areas where you know you barely can get food through there. You really want to clean them out just to make sure that it's not clogged up or whatnot.

It's. If it's a good idea to be pleased really well, because once you put the assembly back together, and then you slap it back on to the motor, you know, you want to make sure that if there is a future leak that, you know, you can detect it easily with a clean heart. Because if you have a lot of buildup or oil or a dirty pot, and you want to track where. The leak is coming from its difficult. You don't know that oil buildup is old or new. So it's, always a good idea to clean up your parts before a party. What I'm doing using right now is a wire brush, not a very heavy wire brush, big enough, where I can brush there to build up grease in the oil.

Here I. Am I cleaning up the that tight valve area making sure nothing's clogged up everything's clean that way when you put back together and oil flows, do it I won't have the issue of or not be able to. Travel so here we are a close view of all the components, that's, separating and nuts and bolts, screws, solenoid sensor assembly.

This is everything that was taken apart cleaned a very small assembly, but there's so much to it. It does a lot where's your guide pin and Here I am showing how that connects together since I'm back to make one piece. So now here we are back to the motor part number th450, because we have an engine code and I, don't know what engine code it was, but it shows that the sensor and. The solenoid is faulty.

And as I mentioned, you cannot purchase a solenoid the sensor on its own. So you have to purchase the whole assembly, and you can simply you can purchase this and read from either you the closest auto parts, or if they carry it, or you're dealing either way it's an expensive part. And there you very it shows that it has the new o-ring there's, the sensor and there's, a solenoid cs1 1, 4 5, a new park, I just wanted to take it to the work table and show you the comparison from the.

New one because you always want to compare the parts, make sure everything looks good to go home. So from the side view property, you back view, everything matches correctly. Everything is good.

And there you have it.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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