Online GED ® Help: Multiply Negative Numbers

In this video we're going to be multiplying two numbers together, so we're going to be multiplying negative 18 times negative 5. Now, the first thing we notice in this question is that we have these sets of brackets of parentheses. Now we don't have any operation inside them. All we're doing with these brackets is we're holding our negative number together.

Okay. So why don't we do our operation when we do this multiplication, we can just drop the brackets. Okay. We don't need to do anything special or. Extra because they're, just there to remind us that we have a negative number all right, so we're simply going to be multiplying negative, 18 times negative 5. Now, what's interesting here is we're going to need to know the rule for when we're multiplying two numbers that have the same sign together.

Okay. So here's. The rule when we multiply two numbers that have the same sign, whether they're both negative, like this case, we're both positive. Our answer is always positive. Okay. So let's, go ahead and we're. Going to apply the rule negative, 18 times negative 5, it's going to give us an answer of positive 90 now in math, we don't write the positive sign when we have an answer that's positive.

So our answer is just simply 90. Now, this is not incorrect if you accidentally write the positive sign, that's, fine, but you don't have to okay. Now you do have to write a negative sign if you have a negative.

Okay. So once again, in this video, we were performing a multiplication, and we're applying the rule for when we.We're multiplying two numbers that have the same sign. And that gave us our answer of positive 90. If you would like to learn how to quickly study for your GED exam, online and get a new resume, then visit test prep skills com.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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