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So did they explain to you what we're going to be doing fine idea? Ok? So, we're, perfect we're in a circle already, so I'm going to ask this like a question, and then we're going to just toss the GoPro to each other all that I put in your face, we're gonna we're going to stand in the circle like let's spread out a little, and it's going to be sort of like we're playing hack sack like I'm going to ask a question it's going to toss it, and then whoever catch it enters in and toss it.

Next person answers. It's easy like that first question out here at South by Southwest, or in Austin in general what's, the weirdest thing you think you've ever seen. I just drives like selfies. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I guess, that is the strangest thing I've seen so far as I, I saw a band playing in the middle of intersection yesterday we were walking in. And as I think it's a sixth street or something, yeah, unstick.

You've been playing like the middle of the road be the roads closed, obviously, but I was like this is crazy. I, don't know that that that's the odd because normally bands play in clubs, but I industry I was like that's, tight, but I've seen to change like a bunch of times just strolling around 2. Chain. Yeah, yeah. I fight, wait I know that man, and then I'd learn to security.

And then later, I sort of like strutting around mostly swim big. Two chairs. Wow.

Can we see that guy on the boy? Yeah, dude. All right? Throw it I don't, throw away. Hey, yeah. We were like walking to a man. And some guy was cycling along ate.

like trail, okay, you're safe. Hey, man, I was like that little, oh, , skidding for a lot of people throwing up last site. Another crazy thing we saw turnstile power, tripping, Kill switch, Engage last night that was pretty sick and walking a lot ahead. Walking a lot of crazy, , but that's cool earlier. We were walking to get coffee because we were a up way early.

And oh, they probably get off my face. What's good. Oh and yeah, this is homeless guy spun around some Pringles in his life like. Now, you know, weird right getting to see mess at red set up like the loudest show I've ever been to. And there was a baby right? There's, an infant Wow. Yeah.

That was a lot of fun. Alright, the next question, best, food, you've seen or eaten and not by I guess I've been to Austin like two or three times first time for South I. But the long time I came here. I went to death metal pizza, which is insane because all they sell is cheese pizza.

And maybe like pepperoni, I, really remember, but just blasting death. Metal I was in kind of like two slices. She was like why I'm like two slices.

So I have to scream over the death knell that was crazy, but I think the best word ever had here, it's probably torch's tacos as I'm sure you guys were on all the time. Good , good happy. Oh yeah, I was like I'm. The right way I thought I was the pizza.

Okay. So I was like. Thank you so much.

This one hour either looks good though this guy looks so stupid I can have that one right? Look at that hat. Okay, good I, stupid. Sorry, I mean, really quick, I'm, he's, a lot of teeth. Wait a minute did sump. Real.

Good, wait a minute. It's going to hurt what's. He's talking about , that's like it. Except for me, you guys all talked about there. We have to go to Lockhart Texas and eat Black's barbecue, which was hands down the best barbecue I've ever eaten in my entire life. I think that goes for all of us. You don't even pop it.

Yeah. And last question, I, simply blogger right boys called the noise what's. The noisiest thing you've ever. Experienced in your entire life, be on the stage or like somebody is what I'm eating to go.

Oh man, we're, blessing, still, this beat on it. I think the loudest be like all right? Okay. We've got a prison too in the car fire in the car in the car park yesterday.

I was actually it's perfect. Thank you so much. Yeah. Why you bill I soon saw full of hello?

A house party Toronto. And the capacity was like all like 22, people I'm a lure for school in there. And it was just a wall annoys. You can, you hear a. Single thing that was noisy thing.

Yep, I took a trip to Florida with my parents. When I was like 20 years old and went on a fan boat ride to check out some Gators. And that was super loud, definitely the recording of everybody's going to heaven Chloe loudest noisiest record to come out back decades, that's. Why keep the loudest thing that I've ever experienced I? Don't know if any of you have experienced a fat oak tree falling on your house in front of you look pass, oh wait is it on?

Okay? But. That's a loud sound, yeah, honestly. The loudest thing I've ever heard was Roland a couple of years ago, choking on some food. And then actually was probably even louder than that was all of our laughter afterwards.

So I was pretty loud for time. My, Bloody, Valentine in Chicago. A couple of years ago, they were handing out here, plus at the door, I'm gonna still say that net show. And then the one you guys want to get a set out to your fans, real quick it's like a quick.

Okay, what's up shut whew, shouting out to. Society rubber cover records, triple b records during Oliver story. Noise, milk, tea, King, Joe, Detroit's, great that carries hi remove. Teen like you might go it's an event like that a special should go.

Yes. They answer stood outside that's. What I see ya did everyone sing along every single I have on the spot is yes, envy you now you got nothing, but I'm sure they did. Yeah, funky yet.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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