Good morning you guys, I am in my new car, Trevor and I bought a car last night, which is pretty weird for us, because neither of us have ever driven anything even remotely this nice, and it's, not even I mean, it's, definitely a really nice car, but it's, not even like a brand-new car. So anyway, that's exciting news. And here why don't I show you it'll be fun for documenting all right here. It is there. She is quite a beauty. So anyway, that's really exciting, and I'm about to head on up to a lunch with a.

Friend all Fox, if you guys follow her on social media or her YouTube channel, she's also known as the tattooed Mormon, she is so fun. We've met several times over the years, just like social media kind of things and anyway, we're finally getting together. And that should be fun we're going to one of my favorite places called the novel caf. It is so yummy it's on Temple Square in Salt, Lake City. If you're ever up there, and they're doing some big new launch menu, I, don't know, but I'll let, you know, I'll. Vlog when I get there, you guys, I haven't had a radio a working radio in years.

This is crazy. It drives so smoothly all right the red light screen. Now, these people like to see what you eat, but the novel caf Granville for you. Wait here, I'll get this there. We go beautiful. They just gotta focus on today. There you go now Oh blowing up your grass, wow, she's being so nice, letting you play your face would be when it went off.

You can't handle it. You're filming. Oh, look at entertainment for everyone. Here this there we go, we have a new diaper on I cannot believe that happens. So invariably me to their diaper team, and she's hopping around so much. Yeah, with that six got you, oh, my gosh.

Well, that was entered a mean to say, believe Ella was just like her diaper, oh man, I'm out of breath. I just carried her to the car was pretty fun. I needed to change. If I was going to change it before I left.

And then she was just like bouncing around like she does just run like a prance, and it's like very up and down. And it just like made her diaper slip right off her hips right? Did you just like in this really nice building? The Joseph Smith memorial building just running around this diaper between your legs and everyone is laughing, and I just can't even believe what happened that was entertaining Mel was really entertaining this old woman, and I was like she's so spunky and fun I'm like yeah, until she's, not wearing pants. Anyway, um tonight I think we're actually going to finally go to my birthday dinner at. Econo so, well, hopefully we make it happen.

It hasn't happened last three times we've tried to, but it'll be fun, and we'll bring Ole. Miss Ellen will be a good ball date night, oh, hi that was so funny, and I missed it. We did not meet you are you taking the drink menu very seriously? Yeah, we don't have anything on there yet, Oh like pretended to eat. Why don't I get you something I'm a go-getter? Some of that cheese bread looks amazing and there's.

Some of my favorite things in the whole world there you go. Not to bite into it really hurt I ate when it was hot. Hello, why don't you want to eat meat credit to you, I know, eat the quality. Oh, my date. You look handsome Trevor, not without pity.

Le. You love me just allowed in here for you watch. Oh my god, oh my goodness, oh that's. The best one she was so scared to get on looks like we do that again, no they have to go down again and go down again. Now she's free.

Now she likes it. No Trevor, don't, litter. See you, oh, my gosh, it's so called, um anyway, Trevor and ll, Went back to go get validation because we forgot and Ella was having so much fun on the escalator may as well go up again, if you write I, am I going to end the vlog here because I never end the vlog, and I am feeling like I'm doing a better job of it in the last few instead of letting it to the run, and then cut them off. But anyway, I'm super out of breath and really full I'm 33 weeks on Monday, which is just crazy. Anyway, I'm going to end the block here. Oh, you guys or you'll see me, I guess she's next. Time bye.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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